Based in London, the electronic producer and bassist Ben Hayes has become an important member of the local scene. Hayes’ formal musical training lies in jazz, but he has accumulated influences from the LA beat scene, techno, IDM/electronica, spiritual jazz, and 3D sound. Equipped with a broad range of studio skills—including making his own tools for software—and an ability to play keys plus electric/double bass, he’s been deep amidst the South London scene since it began, watching others rise whilst patiently honing his craft. He’s been part of countless collaborations and produced for many talented artists, but his most spectacular achievement is probably when he got the privilege to revisit Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ with a band featuring some of London’s most exciting young musicians. Ben Hayes recently released a life affirming and soul soothing EP called ‘See Sun’ on the legendary R&S records, along with the single Ready Yet.