“The aim is to make something beautiful and just to have fun, nothing else.”

This is the simple mantra of Dutch artist Betonkust, and one that has helped establish him as one of the most exciting artists of the day. He takes his music seriously, but always plays with the aim of keeping the dance floor engaged and enthused. As a live act he serves up a restless mix of often dark music, from new beat to techno, acid to electro, teasing in new strains of sound and cooking up real musical adventures on a whim. As a DJ, he plays new releases alongside known or lesser-known classics, complemented by his own productions. Betonkust’s sound is clearly influenced by electro from The Hague, combined with Belgian new beat, acid and rave, but the melancholic melodies and harmonies could also be traced back to Cocteau Twins and Nirvana. The result is a combination of addictive rhythms and bittersweet emotions that will linger in your memory. From Boiler Room appearances and shows at Dekmantel to sessions in warehouses and small sweaty clubs across Europe, Betonkust always finds a way to connect with his audiences.