Growing up in a small town near Berlin, Marcel Dettmann’s first encounter with electronic music was through bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Front 242. It’s in the 1990’s that Dettmann discovered the German capital’s nightlife, dominated back then by the legendary E-Werk and Tresor, where he fell in love with the Chicago and Detroit sounds. A few years and a lot of parties later, Marcel Dettmann finally took his first steps as a resident DJ at Ostgut, which later reincarnated as Berghain. Around that time, he started working as a vinyl buyer and seller for Hard Wax, creating the perfect soil to cultivate his talents. With a broad knowledge and a natural knack for musicality, it didn’t take long before Dettmann became a household name in the international techno scene. He didn’t stop there, and took his art beyond music, collaborating on projects involving photography, film and even contemporary dance. Rough, sober, emotional, Marcel Dettmann finds pleasure in combining old and new, accessible and obscure – a real treat for techno lovers from all horizons.