As The essence of recurrence remains.

Impulsive, raw abstraction has been PTTRN’s philosophy when making music since their first release in 2018. Characterized by efficiently minimal percussion tunnelling through juggled textures, PTTRN’s technical know-how and conceptual intentions can be masked by the efficiency and singularity of their records. Taking techno’s tendency to constantly reinvent itself as a priority in their research, the duo slacklines between experimentalism and escapism.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, PTTRN hasn’t slowed down since their conception. TWR72’s FLOAT Records took charge in introducing the artists by putting out their first two records. With their signature style asserted from the beginning, the two have worked with some of the most respected imprints for cutting edge club music including Mindtrip, Token, ANAOH and Illegal Alien, with upcoming releases on Hayes Collective, SRIE and Eternal Friction to name a few. Focusing themselves heavily on the productional side of music, PTTRN has seen a shift into live acts, something that is now one of their distinguishing features. Having been invited twice to Speedy J’s STOOR jams and continuing on with live sets, their performances allow for maximum control and attention to detail - crafting an interweaving connection between what they play and what they release.

PTTRN’s stylistic coherence and selection can almost be seen as artistic curation and this theme is reflected in how they collaborate to make their music. When listening to the results, there is no mistaking their priority and no denying their capability.

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