Ampere Open Air proudly presents the return of the one and only
[a:rpia:r] aka RPR Soundsystem featuring the ones and only Raresh, Petre Inspirescu and Rhadoo. They make our festival program shine full of musical rainbows and complement Ampere Open Air with a 4 hour performance in their own unique style. 
[a:rpia:r] have established themselves as one of the top labels in minimal house this past decade. The vinyl only imprint is worshiped by a strong community of vinyl and music lovers. Romania’s finest in Antwerp.
Raresh is for good and all one of the fundamental figures of the actual electronic scene. Originally from Bacau, the clubbing scene has attracted him since he was 15 years old when he started to spin records in a small club, marking his ascent at the turntables at an age when most of the children were playing soccer in the courtyard. In 2007, he launched alongside Rhadoo and Pedro the [a:rpia:r] label, whose activity brought each one their well-deserved place in the top of the clubbing hierarchy, becoming one of the most loved and appreciated Romanian djs. With constant gigs all over the world, a strong label, forward releases, two accomplices to ratify the ping-pong – back to back in three – Raresh has proved, no doubt, what a complete dj means and now enjoys all the support and admiration of the electronic music scene lovers.

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