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Producing electronic music since the age of 17, Ion Ludwig became known over the past 15 years to echo the representation of pure quality music, one which also shows that having a background as a musician and broad cultural influences certainly contributes greatly to such talent, dedication and wide recognition.

Ion Ludwig’s move to Berlin, early 2005, was a turning point: sharing his time between actively producing in the studio and playing places like Club Der Visionaere and Weekend Club, he shaped his live performances to perfection. On labels like Alphahouse, Stock 5, Resopal, Thema and later on Motiv Bank and his own imprint Quagmire LTD, he brought intricate and sophisticated minimal house and techno records, picked up by the masters of underground culture. Catching the attention of institutions like Meander, Be Chosen, Tenth Circle and Baby Ford’s Trelik, he released several critically acclaimed EP’s in 2011, defining  his style and direction for the coming years. Shortly after, he started the conceptual label Ugold Serie, in cooperation with ‘DD Distribution’ Berlin.

On stage, his live performances take place with the eye and ear set on the musical ‘horizon’. Combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and recordings from older and newer work, his sound radiates a never-ending story and energy.