Valentin Tszin is a Russian-born artist and dance researcher based in Berlin. His method (named 4/4 4/3 4/0) draws on the forms and fundamental principles of dramatic theatre, taekwondo, butoh and throat singing.

Tszin’s body of work varies from ascetic solos to intricate group concepts. Interdisciplinary dialogue in the arts is the way forward, according to him. Beyond just dance, he has been involved in the worlds of architecture, film, contemporary art, theatre, and new media. Through this unique hybridized approach, he attempts to push the boundaries of the body and mind, whether his own, his dancers’ or his audience’s.

He has been producing his most recent works in collaboration with various techno musicians. Valentin Tszin regularly conducts international master classes to explore with his students the process of collective creation. The idea that one’s perceptions of reality are malleable through the alteration of one’s physical body and state of mind is one that is axial to his method, and one that he furthermore believes is capable of changing the way people create art and interact with the world on a larger scale.