Delbaen and Veebo met in 2008: both regulars at the legendary USA Import Music record store and studio in Antwerp, the two young guys bonded over their mutual interest for the universal language of sexy music. Together, they started a weekly FM radio show, which quickly escalated to studio sessions fuelled by rum and a passion for analog synthesisers. Four years later, Pur Sang officially took shape as a live duo, allowing the boys to express their love for reduced house music and sensuality – live and on analog machines. In 2017, Delbaen and Veebo launched Deep Down records, a vein of black gold risen from the always moist Belgian soil. Inviting legends like Thomas Melchior, David Gluck, Audio Werner and Fumiya Tanaka to play their release parties, the Deep Down founders became a reference in the local minimal and microhouse scene, going as far as releasing their first productions on the newly respected labels Soblazn and What Now Becomes.

Pur Sang recently released their second record on Deep Down: baptised ‘Tricky’, the EP is a true story written together with Ukrainian micromaster Yaroslav Lenzyak.